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SecurityWare Physical Security Antitheft

We all realize security is a issue for our computers, but how secure can your password and encrypted files be when your computers have been stolen?

The San Diego, California based company, SecurityWare offers a wide variety of anti theft devices for your Macintosh computers and PC's. After careful overview of the products we felt the Cable Security kits would be most use full to the general market!

SecurityWare's iBook/iMac kits (with or without plate) makes it possible and affordable to secure your Mac. SecureMac travels from locations and our iBooks sometimes are left unattended. Before we always had worries where they might end up, now we have trust where they will be when we come back.

The product is ideal for anyone who owns a iBook or iMac, its small, secure and the cable is 72" high strength 1/4" overall diameter aircraft-stlye steel stranded cable with a nice coating you can store neatly in a laptop bag or desk drawer. Teachers and schools are targets for computer theft, now teachers can bring/leave their laptops in the classroom or office with knowing it wont be stolen. Your only worry will be some hacking enthused student will sit at your computer and hack past passwords to steal the midterm.

SecurityWare has offered readers special prices on these products.

You may order via telephone by calling 1-800-681-5555, Ext. 180 to ensure your special prices make sure you mention For Online ordering the prices will show full price, but they will be processed at the prices below when you mention in the comments/additional information box on the ordering page

#27-060 IMAC/iBOOK Cable Security Kit
Normally $15.95: - with SecureMac Discount $12.75

#27-160 IMAC/iBOOK Cable Security Kit with plate
Normally $19.95: - with SecureMac Discount $15.95

Details for Security Kit:
Secures IMAC computer or iBOOK to a desk or table. Includes 72" high strength 1/4" overall diameter aircraft-stlye steel stranded cable and brass padlock with keys. Cable locks to itself

Details for Security Kit with plate:
Once the adhesive plate is properly secured to the surface it is very difficult to remove and generally can only forceable be removed using a prying device such as a crowbar or hammer. It takes about 48 hours for the glue to get its maximum strength. For proper bonding it is essential that the surface be free of dirt and installed as the directions state.

More Information
SecurityWare offers many more anti theft devices that you will find at their website. Some of the anti theft devices include the iMac entrapment (#40-114), and the lock down stations for your Macs.

Feedback Time:
What anti theft devices do you use to secure your computer? Please let us know your feelings about this product or any other product you have used. To write us a email click or email

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