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Private File Private File
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No Longer for the Macintosh, No download, No Purchase

Aladdin is the creator of the compression program 'Stuffit Expander'. They have worked hard on all of their projects to ensure quality. Their programs are used by most of the macintosh community, and have been shown the respect they deserve. They have now released the program Private File. Just drag-and-drop to protect your sensitive files - simple, fast and easy. Whether you choose to drag and drop your files onto the desktop drop boxes, or select the files and then click on a menu item, encrypting and compressing your files is simpler than ever before. You'll be prompted for a password when you encrypt or decrypt.

This program is simple to use; most people prefer this nice simple interface to PGP. This program is recommended for personal or home use.It is Windows and MacOS compatible.

Download Version:

You can: Order Online Directly
Or get it from your computer store. It is a commercial product retailed for $49.95. For more information visit the Aladdin's Private File Website

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snip-its from Aladdin's site below:
Are you vulnerable?
Do you send personal or confidential information over the Internet? Does your job require you to handle spreadsheets, banking records, legal papers, copyrighted materials, salary information, vendor, customer or client addresses and phone numbers, social security information, credit card numbers, employee data, or medical records? What would the consequences be if this information were made public, obtained by your competition or simply circulated inside of your company? Protect your information with Private File.

How to protect yourself Private File makes security simple. It is the fast and easy way to protect yourself and your company! Just encrypt your files before sending them. With a simple drag and drop, or a menu point and click, your information is safe. And with the strongest encryption you can be sure that no one but your desired recipient will be able to use your information.

Powerful Encryption When you select files to encrypt, you are also asked to select a password. Private File takes this password and processes it through an industry standard algorithm called MD5. This process takes the original password and reduces it to a reasonably unique pattern of 16 bytes (128 bits). The encryption key is then taken from this pattern. The international version uses 5 bytes while the domestic version uses all 16. This encryption key is then used by the industry standard RC4 encryption algorithm to encrypt the data. The domestic version of Private File uses 128-bit encryption. The international version uses 40-bit encryption.

Secure Deletion Private File securely deletes the original file if you set the preferences to do so. The deletion process is done in accordance with the U.S. Department of Defense standards. These standards consist of a three-pass deletion process. The first pass writes over the old data file using new data consisting of all bits set to zero. The second pass overwrites the file with data consisting of all bits set to one. The third pass is exactly like the first where the file is overwritten using data consisting of all bits set to zero. Once these passes are complete, Private File then directs the operating system to remove all references to the file from the disk.

Cross-Platform Private File allows you to easily transfer files to and from the Mac OS and Windows 95/NT platforms. By intelligently handling and storing the appropriate information, decryption of files from either platform is a seamless process.
Private File is equipped to handle issues that arise when transferring files cross-platform. For instance, different platforms use a variety of characters to specify the end of a line. Without changing any preferences or options, Private File will transparently handle the different end-of-line characters for the machine on which you are decrypting.
Transmitting files that are usable cross-platform, such as pictures, sounds, and plain text files is just a step away. When you encrypt this information with Private File, you have no worries about the decryption on either platform. There is nothing you have to set up for a particular platform.
On Windows 95 and Windows NT, all encrypted files generated by Private File are compressed before encryption, and MacBinary-encoded after encryption. MacBinary encoding allows files of the right type to be generated during transfer from Windows to the Mac OS.

Compression Compressing data prior to encrypting can have significant benefits. Compression is the process by which a file is made smaller without losing any of its information. A compression program uses an algorithm, or method, for compressing the information in a file in a more efficient manner, thus taking up less disk space. Compression works by minimizing or eliminating redundancy and empty space. A file containing the characters "AAAABBBBBBB" typically would take up ten locations. However, this file could be compressed by one algorithm into "4A6B" and would take up only four locations. Private File utilizes compression to create a smaller file, thus the amount of hard disk spaced used by the encrypted file and the time needed to transmit the file are less than if the file was not compressed.

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