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Password Key (startup security protection)
Developer: Carl Powell III

password key
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Information: Password Key was designed to provide a limited amount of security to your Macintosh system with emphasis on "security without modification" in its processes. Even though it offers a fairly high level of security to the average "looker", it does not in any way, affect either the hardware configuration, system software, or any of your files.

When used properly, Password Key should provide you with at least the knowledge of "illegal attempts" to enter your system, and at best, with a system that is left alone with its integrity kept complete.

Password Key is designed to be set as the startup application for your computer. When it is run, it records the date and time that the session was started, covers the screen, locks you out of any other programs that may be running (including the finder) and then waits for the user to enter the password. (It can also be run anytime you want for added security while taking a break, etc.)

If the correct password is entered, it records the fact that this was a "successful entry," then quits, allowing access to your system. However, if an incorrect entry is made, the entry, along with the date and time are recorded for you to view later. After five (5) incorrect entries, the user is warned that the system is shutting down, a siren sound is played, the illegal entry is recorded, and the computer is shut down.

If the user attempts to break out of the program using any command key sequence, the system records the attempt and then shuts down immediately, keeping them from accessing the system.

When you start your system back up after an illegal attempt, the program starts up as usual and waits for the password. If you enter the correct password, it verifies whether or not an illegal attempt was made and will alert you to view the records if one was made since your last successful logon. If there has been an unsuccessful attempt, you will be given an opportunity to view the Password Key Log file

Shareware Version:
You can use Keys Off by Shareware, to download version 3.5 click here or to check for a newer version goto the authors site

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Password Key 3.5 has the following features:
HFS+ Compatible
Recompiled in FutureBasic II 2.3.1 and MacOS 8.1
OS 8.1 Compatible!!!
Made Password Key "background aware" if it's running in the background, it brings itself to the front

More Info:
You can contact Carl Powell III by email or website.

From the description above it sounds like a startup item. So when your Finder loads up hit Command + "." that is: Command + Period . Hit that repedidly and it will stop your startup items from loading. In the new version he did make it so you cant press Shift Key on startup to bypass it. Use a Startup Disk to bypass it, or hold down SPACEBAR on startup to bring up the extensions manager, and uncheck the Extension. There are many more ways then listed here, if you know of one please email us. We are more than happy to research and post it here!

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