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NetBarrier (Internet Firewall/AntiVandel)
Developer: Intego

NetBarrier on

NetBarrier 2.0 can upgrade to 2.1 for free of charge ->> Start Update! also download full trial version, read below for instructions

NetBarrier 2.1
By: Rie Komatsu

What is NetBarrier?:
NetBarrier is a personal firewall to protect you against hackers, vandals and other security risks for macintosh users that are connected to the internet. Experts estimate that 85%-97% undetected.

NetBarrier provides its "four-level line of defense" as a optimal security so that you can use the internet safely without leaving yourself vulnerable to any type of attacks.

The four-level line defense is as listed below:

    NetBarrier's Personal Firewall protects and monitors all incoming and outgoing data. A customized mode allows you to create your own defense rules, offering the most secure level of protection.
    NetBarrier's Antivandal blocks all attempts to break into your Mac, detects wrong passwords and logs vandal attacks for complete protection. Moreover, it has an alarm to inform you of every intrustion attempt.
    NetBarrier's Internet Filter analyzes data as it leaves your computer and prevents unauthorized exporting of private information such as credit card numbers, passwords, sensitive data and more...
    NetBarrier's Internet Privacy feature helps maintain your privacy, giving you control over cookies, blocking ad banners and blocking spam before you even download it. NetBarrier also helps cover your tracks, by refusing to give out certain personal information.

Firewall Features:
  • Controls incoming TCP/IP traffic and data
  • Controls outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data
  • Offers present or customized security rules
Antivandal Features:
  • Protection against vandal programs
  • Audits vandal alerts
  • Protects against intrusions
  • Offers a choice of defense policies
  • Detects wrong passwords
  • Protects against network attacks
  • Protects against ping of death
  • Protects against ping flooding
  • Protects against SYN flooding
  • Protects against port scans
  • Stops unknown packets
  • Controls system resources
  • Provides TCP sequence scrambling Filter Features:
  • Safeguards personal information
  • Filters TCP/IP & Appletalk stacks
  • Protects against data thieves, hostile java applets and hostile plug-ins Privacy Features:
  • Helps control cookies
  • Blocks spam
  • Blocks advertisement banners
  • Hides the last web site visited
  • Hides browser and platform information Other Features:
  • Stealth mode
  • Net Update to update to the latest version of NetBarrier
  • Activity gauges
  • 12 control monitors
  • TCP/IP & Appletalk usage monitoring

    SecureMac Feedback!

    NetBarrier 2.1 has a few new features. Whether or not if this will make it harder for the average user to figure out now is a different story. As everyone has probably noticed that has used a previous version of NetBarrier is the difference in the interface, now carrying the infamous OS-X Aqua look.

    My favorite new feature would be the choice on part of the user to set what you would like to do with an intruder before it actually happens so that you don't have to be directly in front of the computer to stop him/her. If you liked the feature previously where it popped up a small window to ask you for how long you wanted the person to be off your network, don't worry it is still there. There is also a new little feature if you didn't like the alert sound that NetBarrier 2.0 came with you can change that to another alert sound that is on your computer. Another new key feature would be the filter to filter out all your personal information such as your credit card numbers and your passwords. We all shop online at times and we all worry that our information is somehow leaking.

    Another great feature is the NetBarrier control strip. From your control strip you can quickly toggle settings to allow or reject type of connections. With the graphical user interface as seen above you can monitor the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic!

    Now the data is filtered as it is going out of your network to wherever you may be putting your sensitive information. Same thing applies for your passwords whether it would be you logging into a website to check your email (ie:hotmail) or logging into a server of any type on the internet.

    Another feature would be the Privacy features which hides what websites you visited last which comes in handy especially in a work environment where you share your computer with your co-workers. Also hides browser and platform information for websites that you browse onto that collect information about their surfers. Blocking spam from websites and advertisement banners are also good features as well as helping you control cookies.

    One other feature I saw stuck out to us at, the 'modem lock' feature. This function will lock your modem so it will not be functional. Excellent for laptops or desktops you want to add a extra bit of security to. If your not using your modem then why have it open for connections, you never know who will be around your machines.

    For a long time the macintosh was forgotten and most of the software companies stopped researching for the macintosh. Intego does a great job at pleasing their customers and always know what the macintosh users look for which are privacy and security.

    New Features added to 2.1

    Detection of CodeRed requests
    You can choose to trust computers on your local network
    You can copy and paste IP addresses
    Bug fixes on the Stop-List panel user-interface
    Bug fixes on the Configuration dialog user-interface
    Bug fix in the Rule Editor user-interface
    Fixed a problem occurring when Mac OS 9.1 runs with Multiple Users enabled
    To update from 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 to 2.1, click here

    System Requirement:

    -Mac OS 8.1 or later (Mac OS 9 compatible)
    -Open Transport
    -16MB of RAM
    -5MB free disk space
    -Internet Configuration
    -Screen resolution 800x600 or higher


    NetBarrier 2.1 Full Version - 59.95
    NetBarrier 1.x to 2.0 Upgrade - 29.95

    Download NetBarrier 2.1 Trial

    NetBarrier 10-day free trial - All functions are available. When the trial has expired, you must purchase the software to continue using it. Download Updates

    To update from 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 to 2.1, click here


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