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Tresor File Encryption Mac OS and Mac OS X

Posted on December 8, 2002


Tresor is a file encryption tool for the Macintosh. It is simple to use, fast, and offers very high cryptographic security. It is available in native versions for 68k Macs and PowerMacs as well as in a FAT version and requires MacOS 7.0 minimum. Tresor is shareware. The registration fee is 20 Euro.

Tresor encrypts any file using the IDEA block encryption algorithm. Encryption uses self-selected passwords. For decryption, the same password that was used for encryption will be needed again.

IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) uses data blocks of 64 bits and a key length of 128 bits. The algorithm was developed at the Institute for Signal and Information Processing of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, by James L. Massey and Xuejia Lai and is regarded as the most secure block algorithm publicly available today (significantly safer than the de facto industry standard DES). IDEA is patented, and any use of the algorithm is thus subject to a license from Ascom Systec Ltd. By paying the registration fee, you automatically acquire the right to use the IDEA algorithm with Tresor.

Thanks to IDEA, Tresor offers the highest level of cryptographic security and protects your confidential documents from unauthorized inquisitive eyes. Carefully choosing your passwords with Tresor will even protect you from opponents with a $100 million budget (like the NSA).

Download Version

Before you download Tresor, you should make sure that your country does not restrict the import or use of strong cryptography.
You can download Tresor from:

WarLord’s Download Page
Tresor 1.2.0 Generic PPC Version English
Tresor 1.2.0 G4 Version English
1.0.2 68k obsolete


Strong Encryption methods. Great people who make the program, ask them anything and they will help you out. As always check out their website or email them with any comments/feedback.

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