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Posted on June 6, 2001

Microsoft Product for the Macintosh?

Ya I know It comes with os 8.x. If you have ever used a PC, or so they say, “Its Microsoft, its breaks, i tried to uninstall it, it broke” Well I tried to remove Microsoft Personal Web Server from my Macintosh and ran into a little problem i forgot to turn off 1 extension. WaMMo! My computer froze on startup. Probably the point where the extension realized all the other components were not there. I wonder if they plan on fixing it so it does not do that.

As far as security on Microsoft Personal Web Server (known from here on as MSPWS) just make sure you do not allow to back up to your root directory on your macintosh. Make sure you put a index file in all your directories unless you want other people just taking all the stuff from it.

Also there has been a Denial of Service exploit for MSPWS that will crash the service:

Personal Web War v1.0: Apple Personal WebServer 8.5.1 d0s.

Wow for the above Denial of Service Attack i hope that is the Microsoft Personal Web Service, Well the above will stop the web service on 8.5.1 Apple Computers.

Check out your server to see if its vulnerable.

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