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(Encrypted Note System w/ Find Function and Sorting)

Encrypted Notes on

LittleSecrets for Mac OS X gives the Macintosh users the ability to store notes in an encrypted format that can only be accessed with the password assigned to the file. Upon launching the encrypted file the user is instructed to enter the password, only upon proper authentication is access granted to the file.

littlesecrets mac os x encryption note system

Think of LittleSecret as a note management system that allows for you to sort and create new notes all manageable from the programs interface. The user is allowed to create folders and sub-folders to sort the information even further. For instance you can make LittleSecret's find feature allows for quick sorting to easily locate information. Full customization from colors, to fonts is also available from the toolbar of the program.

Never put all your eggs in one basket has always been one of our favorite sayings, encrypting your information is better than leaving it in plain text on a sticky-note somewhere on your desk. data icon
little secretsBe selective with what information you store, the things you do not want others knowing its recommended you keep off of your computer. For instance I wouldn't recommend to anyone saving their online banking passwords in a file on their computer even if it were encrypted. Items such as locker combinations, serial numbers, and other information that you can easily locate can be stored in here, even diary notes or recipes.

For the even more security conscious people, store the data file for LittleSecret on a USB Keychain or removable media for extra protection. IE: If a hacker were to gain access to your computer would you want them to even get a hold of the encrypted file to take the risk that the encryption could be cracked?

password screen littlesecrets mac os x
LittleSecret's uses the Blowfish algorithm with the key length of 448-bit in "Cipher Block Chaining" mode to encrypt its documents. For those who desire, Keychain support has been implemented into LittleSecret so if you add your password to your Keychain then you won't have to enter your password every time.

Upon opening a LittleSecret Document in a text editor your information will not be reveled. The image shown below shows what the editor displays, a normal text file would have readable text of the content that the user entered, this does not.

data file


448-Bit Blowfish Encryption
Find Function
Customization of Fonts/Colors
Multiple Data Format Support

System Requirements:
Mac OS X

Download LittleSecrets:
Download LittleSecrets V1.4.2 -
LittleSecrets Homepage

Shareware Cost!
7.00 - Register Here

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