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Mac OS X Security
sudo buffer overflow exploit + fix
Disable Single User Boot Mode
Malevolence - Dumping Passwords
nidump security
Startup Security - Open Firmware Password Protection

Mac OS X Network Security
Secure FTP Wrapper
Ettercap - sniffer interceptor logger
Snort - Network Intrusion Detection System
SSH Admin
SSH Helper
xnu - enable MAC Address spoofing

Mac OS X Virus

Mac OS X Firewalls
Firewalk Firewall Utility
NetBarrier X

Mac OS X App Sec.

Mac OS X Encryption
GPGMail - PGP Functionality

Mac OS X DoS

SecureMac Library
Mac Cable Modem Security
Mac Security Auditing
Mac OS X Security Understanding
Mac OS X Security Second Lessons
Mac OS X Security Third Lesson
Mac OS X Single User Mode Root Access
Mac OS X Shareware Firewalls
Mac OS X Secure Installation
Cable & DSL Connections - Security Measures
Better Safe than Sorry Security Resources
Marketing Macintosh Security Programs

Marketing your Macintosh Security Programs Online v1.0

Once you have the program created you need people to download, test, and update the software. This simple howto guide is to share with you realms of the Internet where you can reach all different markets, from the hackers, security experts to regular Macintosh users.

Your Web Site
Create a web site the goal is to keep it as clean and simple as possible. Make sure you have pages for the following:
  • Contact (e-mail address, website - bookmark it, mailing list)
  • Program (with description, screenshots, and examples)
  • Index Page
Make sure the index page has links to the other pages, if you are given awards for your software display it on this page.

Your web site needs to have META TAGS, these are keywords and descriptions used by the search engines, so when people search Google for your type of security product you show up.

Submit to
Once you have your web site together launch your web browser and goto:
At the top you will see a link that says Add URL. Click it and enter your info and submit, within a few weeks you will be listed in the directory and many more search engines. Also look to submit to other search engines like Google, and Altavista

Submit to
Create a developer account for free at, thousands of Mac users visit this page daily to find out what new software is out there. There isn't a Mac Security specific category so you have a few choices, Network Administrator, or if your program is anti-virus related choose Anti Virus when submitting your program.

Keep the descriptions simple. Fill in all the information. Keep it in the view of security administrators do not target the mac hackers.

Submit to
On the bottom of you will see a link that says "Submit a File" you will need to register an account with them. Once you do so make sure you follow their rules.

Computer Security - Antivirus aides, virus threats, online protection, patches, and information. Press Releases
Whenever a new program is released it is vital to have a press release online for it, many news sites will link to the site, if possible setup a mailing list, the people interested in your company or products will sign up. Place your press release online, when you market your program include the URL to the press release so other sources may link directly to it.

Setup an Affiliate program - Read more on Mac Affiliate Programs

The following is a list of Macintosh specific sites that will post press releases and other news on their site. If you have any favorite news sources you have found valuable send the URL in the form below.

Macinstein Press Release - The central source to mac security
Macintosh Security News Portal

Once posted to these sites other security news sources pick them up on their web sites.


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Security + OS
PowerBook Security Control Panel
Empower Pro
Deus Lock Master
Keys Off
MacOS Algorithm
Modem Security
Password Key
Shift Key Suite
Stealth Signal
SuperLock Lite
SuperLock Pro

Macintosh Viruses
Sophos Anti-Virus
Norton AntiVirus
Nav 7 Nav 6 Nav X
Virex - Oct
VirusBarrier - Netupdate
vScan - Discontinued.

Mac Physical Security

Macintosh Firewalls
DoorStop Firewall
Firewall Q & A
Norton Personal Firewall

Mac Spyware & Privacy
NetShred - Delete Files Safely

Network Security
Oyabun Tools

Application Security Issues
AIM - AOL Instant Messenger
Back Orifice
Eudora E-Mail Client
Internet Configure
IE 5.1, OE 5.1, Powerpoint, Excel Vulnerability
MS Personal webServer
Outlook Express 4.5 Password Flaw
Sub7ME Server

Resource Info
AppleShare Server Info

Mac OS Encryption
My Secret
PGP Personal
PGP Freeware
Private File
Quick Encrypt
SubRosa Utilities

Deleting Files
Eraser Pro


Apple Hardware

Mac Attack

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