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Fool Proof (file and user security)
Developer: Smart Stuff

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FoolProof Security - has updated its software to version 3.5.2, Adds compatibility with Mac OS 9.2.1

Information: FoolProof was established by a company in Oregon called SmartStuff in 1992, throughout the years the software has grown to be a secure product for macintosh computers.

The macintosh underground security team has done extensive research on foolproof, throughout the years finding ways to bypass it. The software itself is not insecure. Infact it is a great product when used to its full extent. Schools use FoolProof a lot. Infact more of the schools if they are secure use this program. So if you think your school needs some security, or if you have a rotten child in your class that loves to delete or modify files, this is a file that you must check out.

Demo Version:
SmartStuff has released a demo version of FoolProof to download and test out. You can download version 3.5.2 or go directly to the SmartStuff Demo Software page

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FoolProof offers a lot of security functions:
- Protects the System and Hard Disk
- Allows Multiple Security Groups
- Locks Applications and Control Panels
- Directs File Saving
- Provides Internet Security
- One Step Installation
- Controls UnderCover and Toner Tuner Secure

You will want to read the FoolProof Info File for full information on other advantages. Remember with all programs you need to configure them, if you leave the default configuration, things wont be secure to its fullest.

More Info:
SmartStuff said they work 99.99% with Educational Institutions. They generally do not retail to home users. If you know a teacher, that is the way to get your licence. Give them a call to find out more: SmartStuff's Phone Number is: (800) 671-3999

Foolproof's SilverLining (: another way around
(get this as text)
A couple friends and I done some serious messing w/ foolproof and here's what we've come up with to get by foolproof even when it is set up correctly.

This method only works on a machine with a scsi disk since SilverLining only does scsi. You could try and squeeze appleshare on your boot disk too and run FWB HDT from another machine and that should work.

1. Grab your handy dandy Disk Tools disk and make a copy.
2. Nuke everything except the system suitcase.
3. Use ResEdit or something to change the creator and type of Peek A Boo to
FNDR and MACS and rename it to Finder and chuck it next to your system suitcase.
4. Chuck SilverLining or something similar (and small enough) on the disk too.
5. Boot the target puter from your disk and get rid of dialog when it asks
for the volume password (cancel button? too long ago...).
6. Launch SilverLining with Peek A Boo and take over the hard disk with it.
7. Reboot from your boot disk again (using the 3 finger salute after quitting SL).
8. Launch the target machine's finder with Peek A Boo.
9. Relocate foolproof extensions to the desktop or somewhere convenient.
10. Reboot from the hard drive and go on your merry way.

Don't forget to put the FP extensions back when you're done and if you feel like it, you can use a drive utility to select the FP driver again. FWB HDT can do this, I know.

Nate Pierce

In other words, "hack" any software or computer can be hacked if it is setup incorrectly. Its hard to make a secure computer and stop people from having access to everything. If you want to test FoolProof for its security or see how secure your FoolProof setup is, try these files, they are made to break or bypass the security implemented in FoolProof. Below are some files, including texts on how to break into a FoolProof secured computer.

FoolProof Hacks a text file explaining how to bypass security.
Foolish application to show how fool proof it really is!
Foolish 1.5 same as above 1.5version
FoolProof 3.0 Hack Self described.
FoolProof Killer Kills FoolProof
Small FoolProof Trick this is a good paper. Simple and easy. If you can open AppleScript Editor you can move any file to the trash or out of the location its supposed to be to disrupt the security service.
There are many more ways then listed here, if you know of one please email us. We are more than happy to research and post it here!

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